"We're a nation of immigrants that has never liked immigrants"

That's how it was when Benjamin Franklin, an Englishman, shook his fist at the German immigrants of the mid-18th century, declaring they "will never adopt our language or customs, any more than they can acquire our complexion." And when it was said on the West Coast in the mid-19th century that Chinese immigrants were not "assimilable." And when Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts warned, in 1905, that immigrants (read: the Irish) were "diminishing the quality of our citizenship." And when Italian immigrants in the early 1900s were criticized for allegedly being uneducated and dirty and -- no kidding -- smelling of garlic. And when, in a 1938 public opinion survey, approximately 60 percent of respondents said they held a low opinion of Jewish immigrants, labeling them "greedy," "dishonest" and "pushy." And it goes on, and on.…

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Overseas Medical Tourism

Overseas Medical Tourism

A McKinsey & Company report revealed that the core reasons for medical Tourism:

Best technology regardless of cost (est. 40%) This may include traditional or disallowed treatments ( IVF)(Stem Cell Therapy)

High quality and lower costs for medically necessary procedures/treatments (est. 30%) An uninsured or underinsured person may seek reasonable cost alternatives

Quick access to medical care (est. 15%) Specific treatments are not available in the home country, or there is a significant waiting list for an elective procedure

Lower costs for discretionary medical care

US Healthcare System Expensive, Uneven and inefficient:

Americans Die earlier and receive less care than residents of other nations, they pay far more for healthcare per person-more than $8000 -than do citizens of any of the other countries.

One good thing about US System ,they delivers first class cancer care, with the world's highest survival rates for breast cancer though recently Japanese beating them with Cancer research and technology.

and American Doctors says they are not paid fairly for their work.

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Indian Dream or the American Dream!

doesn't matter if you are an Indian or American its your global right to live and enjoy wherever you want on this planet. go and explore.