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Thanks to the House of Representatives and the Senate

The Congress decision was welcomed in Delhi as an historic moment in relations between the two countries,this legislation allowing civilian nuclear trade with India for the first time in 30 years. great :)

sweet Britain???

LONDON: All foreigners wanting to settle in Britain will have to pass a compulsory "Britishness'' test from next April under plans to further restrict immigration. Currently, the test is compulsory only for those who want British citizenship while others get a permanent residency status almost automatically if they have lived here for up to five years. Announcing the new rules, Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said it was "essential'' that those who wished to live in Britain permanently had a good grasp of English language and the British way of life. "It is essential that migrants wishing to live in the U.K. permanently recognise that there are responsibilities that go with this. Having a good grasp of English is essential in order for them to play a full role in society and properly integrate into our communities,'' he said. Migrant groups have protested the Government move. A spokesman for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immig…