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'Dating' game at work is very dangerous

Q: I have been "dating" a guy at work for about three years. We are both married, so of course everyone gossips about us. The problem is he is very popular with other co-workers, and I don't feel I get as much attention from him as I used to. He says he cares about me and doesn't want to end the relationship, but I don't know what to do. When I try to put some distance between us, he just acts like it doesn't matter and it makes me crazy. Should I break it off?

Lonely at Work

A: For starters, let's be honest. You and your colleague are not dating. You're having an affair. If you were dating, you could ask him over to your house.
Close working relationships can easily become romantic, because every work environment is a little world unto itself. Co-workers not only share goals, problems, pressures and successes, but also have a common group of friends and acquaintances. When both parties have spouses, a workplace affair allows them to create a Fantasylan…

Religious Right:!???????

How pathetic?

I will protect This Life

These lives? Not so much:

via American Street

Being set up for war in the Middle East "Christians" are part of the propaganda show. Three thousand of them, under the lead of the Rev. John C. Hagee, are heading to Washington for a "Washington/Israel summit" to demand, needlessly, that the neocon Bush regime show "stronger support for Israel."
It is difficult to see how Bush could show any stronger support without using the U.S. military to assist Israel in its attacks, which is, of course, what the "Christian" Rev. Hagee intends when he declares: "There's a new Hitler in the Middle East [he doesn't mean Bush or Olmert]. The only way he will be stopped will be by a preemptive military strike in Iran."
Present at Rev. Hagee's "Washington/Israel Summit" will be Israel's former Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, Republican Senators Sam Brownback …

Mumbai back on track

Just 12 hours after seven serial blasts left a trail of death and woes, Mumbai moved towards normality on Wednesday. Even as the day broke over a city that has still to recover from Tuesday terror, trains began running on the very tracks where bombs ripped through carriages. And office goers, school and college students and workers made their way to different parts of the city.
No one can make India kneel: Manmohan
He said none could come in the path of India's progress. "The wheels of our economy will move on. India will continue to walk tall, and with confidence."
The Prime Minister was full of admiration for the people of Mumbai. "Mumbai stands tall once again as the symbol of a united India. An inclusive India." Dr. Singh assured the nation that "the United Progressive Alliance will do whatever is required to deal with the challenge at hand. We will win this war against terror. Nothing will break our resolve."

Who want to Become a Republican?


Why (S)he’s not marrying ?

Why are evangelists and the church so cruel? They tell people the world is ending soon, but then they want them to get married and have more children! What is the point? To bring more sufferers into a dying world? the secrete societieswill destroy your life if you did not listen to them.They tell people the only purpose of marriage is to produce children. But what is the point, if it is all coming to an end soon? They shouldquit saying (Lying) the world is ending.Many people have refused to get married andhave children because of them.And many coming from divorced parents, and they think they will be like their parents(fear)If you thinkSome men aren't comfortable sharing their space and possessions with a woman…..(not true)men love to share her space, He prefers to be isolated……….. (some times not all the time)He's a perfectionist………… (perfect) then get him He's extremely well-organized and his place is cleaner and better decorated than yours is…………….(True)if women is no…