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Am I Alone? I dont think so!!!!

Do the right thing
Cooperate with others
Nobody needs to "win"
there are many people want to be happy, I can say we all want to be happy but who gets whom?
I am not alone there are so many thinks like me: some one said this:
"Here's an invitation to truly embrace the creativity of others. Instead of beating your breast about how great you are, try saying how great someone else is. Look for win-wins, make that your new religion. Establish a policy that nothing will be announced unless it can be shown that someone else will win because of what you're doing. How much happier we would be if instead of crippling each other with fear, we competed to empower each others' creativity.

how wonderful world we could make out of our thinking, if we think for next generations. so think and start before departure from your life: Do the right thing, Cooperate with others, Nobody needs to "win"

Head, shoulder, foot!

The Head is the person who gives you your strategic guidance.

The Shoulder is the person you lean on when times are tough.

The Foot is the one who kicks you in the ass when you need it.