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what we can learn from other health care systems?

*In Singapore, hospitals publish the cost of every treatment

*In Germany, people suffering from fatigue or back pain can get a three-week stay at a "wellness" retreat in the mountains – all paid for by health insurance.

*In Taiwan, people who go to the hospital swipe a card that gives doctors their basic medical information

*Germany's had a national healthcare system since 1883

*National health services save a heck of a lot of money and are much cheaper, like in Spain and Britain,"?????

*UK, Germany, France, New Zealand use sophisticated information systems?
While 99 percent of doctors in the Netherlands and 97 percent of doctors in New Zealand and Norway used electronic medical records (EMRs), only 46 percent of U.S. doctors reported EMR use.

*Americans take 10 percent fewer drugs than citizens in other countries — but pay 118 percent more per pill that they do take

*In France, the sicker you are, the more coverage you get. For people with one of 30 long-term and expensiv…