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Every nation has the right to protect its territorial integrity and take action as it saw fit. YES we are not warmongers like other nations, as long as Pakistan act responsible and arrest and handover of those responsible persons who are fugitives of Indian law, about 20 persons. And destroy all suspected terrorist strongholds in Pakistan.

Its time for Pakistan to think and answer.

I read somewhere , Mr. McCain who has advocated using military power in the US.. Led war on terror; He said NO when people asked whether repeated terror attacks on India meant that India should follow the US and attack Pakistan.

India cant be the Role Model to lead the war by mistake or some family grudges or for oil or some other reasons but India can be the Role model against real threat and wipe terrorist groups for good. No doubt We are peace lovers but now the time to act and do right for the world peace.

Mahatma Gandhi is Father of Peace, but he holds the stick when it needs.

Gandhian philosophy

Mahatma Gandhi as a source of President elect Barack Obama’s inspiration and a portrait of the apostle of peace adorns his office.

Now victory is also being seen as a triumph of Gandhian philosophy. And maybe, the portrait will go into the Oval Office in the White House!

Somewhere Obama said. In my life, I have always looked to Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration, because he embodies the kind of transformational change that can be made when ordinary people come together to do extraordinary things,

So stupid radio talkers stop saying you have doubts in his ability and support him for a CHANGE

Watch this video They give some wonderful insights into the inner workings of the campaign

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Saturday Night Live

Its not the RACE, but peoples words and actions


Our bodies are programmed for two periods of intense sleepiness. If your Boss shouting when you try to take a nap in the office between 1 and 1-30 PM? tell him to take a more

How to choose?

I don't know why am writing on dating , love and relationships but she said "I am dating 3 men. I want to date for a while and see what's out there. I like them 3 very much. One I have unbelievable chemistry with. and totally turns me on. He likes me a lot, too. The other is the nicest man I have ever met. The 3rd one He would do anything for me and we have a great time together. I can't go on like this and I feel that I must choose one. I can't decide. My heart wants one and my head says the other and my body wants the 3rd one. How can I make this decision? I don't want to hurt no one, but I feel I am being deceitful dating 3. how to choose.?"lol what a personality? why cant a women go with one at one time for short dates then pick one, dating with 3 at once?, I wish that men leave her alone, and she gets no one. Why don't people think? we are all humans and every single person on the planet get hurt by one way or other . And you have no…

Looser's Life

Some people are born as loosers,  i mean they fail in everything , cuz the answer is simple they are born to loose!!! My emotions are getting stronger and more negative each day. Why am I such a failure in relationships? No girl out there seems to like me. all my life,  met lots of people but I'm a miserable failure. I hate the thought of being single all my life. Why don't girls like me? I'm intelligent,sensitive,  Maybe it's because I'm short. I'm only 5'6".  I thought it would get better here but it hasn't. Some guys still bully me and beat me stealing my girl friends. It's worse when they do it in front of girls because they all start laughing. I can't fight back because the nature i had grow up. And when I try to walk away they call me a looser and all the girls are watching. I hate life.I will continue being beaten up by guys(mentally) and rejected by girls till old age. I wish I could be given a chance to be born again. I would willin…

Get a Life

Most people on the earth move less than 10km on a regular basis, according to the study published in the journal Nature. The vast majority of people move around over a very short distance."Then there were a few that moved a couple of hundred kilometers on a regular basis." and 95% of people on the earth tend to return to the same few places over and over again. Seems there is no life?who gave the permission to spend billions of dollars to kill millions of innocent people in Iraq and hang one (so called evil) person. we have no fkg clue where we are going even after spending hundreds of billions . if we spend half of that money on science research for mentally depressed people we would have better leaders. 90% of people in America needs psychiatrist not clinicians.
and other part of world suffering lack of food and drugs for AIDS and other health problems. now somebody said hey you know what? our administration"led the nation to war on false premises," ya jerks, y…

Are you a Big Travel Buff?

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should doctors answer patient's e-mails?

Medicine is not only conservative, its most intimate aspects of a person, privacy. some say People are able to file their taxes online, buy and sell household goods, and manage their financial accounts . but here you are dealing with your body parts. however all the financial accounts protected by organisations but who is going to protect patients regular emails accounts? simple questions canbe asked by emails but it should not be a huge issue. are we ready for medical digital age ?.

watch your minutes(talk time)

Talking on a cell phone as little as 500 minutes a month can increase the probability of brain cancer by 300%...........
Cell_Phone_Poisoning_Of_America.pdf (167.72 kb)


this is normal way i get emails from them:
Dear Masthanaiah Meejuru,

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4. Is the email addressed to you personally? Many phishers send fake emails that use generic greetings, such as "Dear Customer" or "Dear Sir/Madam." Official emails are personalized with the name you gave us when you registered.


Our support staff has responded to your request, details of which are described below:

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for contacting Hosting Support.

We have examined your shared hosting account for MY DOMAIN.COM and the database mee0807409401671 and determined that on 3/15/2…

NOBLEMAN. caring alone

I think BILL GATES will be the best United States President ever if he come in to politics and elected as a president of United States. and i have no doubt he will lead the country as a true global leader. but unfortunately he wont come in to stinking politics. see what he says Before the Committee on Science and Technology United States House of Representatives.

If the United States truly wants to secure its global leadership in technology innovation, we must, as a nation, commit to a strategy for innovation excellence – a set of initiatives and policies that will provide the foundation for American competitive strength in the years ahead. Such a strategy cannot succeed without a serious commitment from – and partnership between – both the public and private sectors. It will also need to be flexible and dynamic enough to respond to rapid changes in the global economy. I believe this strategy must place top priority on achieving four fundamental goals: 1. Strengthening educational…

Good girls gone BAD

its interesting i was talking with couple of guys and girls about relationships. Sure,girls  being playful with another man may score you a free drink or get you out of a speeding ticket. But your guy's wondering just how "friendly" you would get if he weren't right next to you. A 19, to elaborate: "My last girlfriend knew how to work a room," he says. "But too often her flirting would get out of control, like she actually wanted the other guys. Before long, I started to view her antics as cheap rather than charming."  yep she is too cheap so if she get a chance he gets a chance too so where these two stand in relationship in fact there is no relationship. No you don't.  You just want us to stop calling you?. This is a lot like pulling off a band-aid. Do it quick—don't prolong the agony. Most of us take "I just want to be friends" as "There's still a chance," so if there isn't just make it a clean break and move on…


SONY SUCKS. BIG TimeIn October of 2007 I bought 2 NR series laptops when I saw advertising on I spent nearly 200min with the tech support to make it work none of them work, finally I returned them and ordered FZ290 in December 2007 with blue ray , those sucks too I sent one of them to repair center they kept 15 days and could not figure it out what was wrong and they didn't care. And I ordered another fz and they send me with wrong configurations. After this entire incident I decided to never purchase another piece of Sony junk technology again. Not only because of a personal boycott, but because I don't want to deal with their shoddy tech support in the future. Why risk another situation like that when I can try out one of their numerous competitors instead? For some like me it will be after buying an expensive and highly defective products and user experience like will result with their ridiculous blue ray players that don’t play blue ray disks. Now lots of 290s th…