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“Why can’t we be just people?”

"Why can't we be just people?" Do you hear what you say? When did we ever question your right to be considered people? Do you question mine? I know what you think you say. You want me to consider myself not Native, not Cree, not Salish, but a person, absent of nationality or racial heritage. All of us just people, without difference. You fail to see your own hypocrisy. In the same breath, you pick up a guitar and teach European modern folk songs to all the children, but nowhere do European children learn the folk music of my children or any other nationality. Such sameness amounts to everyone's obliteration but your own. I know we were supposed to have vanished by now. We do not apologize for our inability to do that. Not only are we still here, but some of us are amazingly intact. One hundred years ago General Custer's edict was to kill every man, woman, child and dog at Wounded Knee. To re-word this edict from physical oblivian to cultural banishment will not …

HowLikely HeartAttack w User Data Entry Sht Risk Meter John Cardiac example

Author: Michael Crouch MD, MSPH
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. by Michael Crouch MD, MSPH

What a great final

What a great final, and not at all the one we were all expecting!Here comes the trophy winner a great champion Nadal is... still just 20 years old, he takes his second consective Roland Garros title as the Spanish national anthem rings out!Two championship point now for Nadal! And it's brought up by yet another Federer error...I was hoping Federer will become just the sixth man in history to win all four Grand Slams.Only five other men have achieved that incredible feat to date - Andre Agassi, Don Budge, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver and Fred Perry.

Why is India behind ?

Why some Indian states are so dumb? After all one percent Christians make difference out of 80 millions in one state of AP even those Christians are so called minorities, does America care about Da Vanci code? Hell NO,In the US and Canada, The Da Vinci Code raked in $77min its first weekend ‑ the 13th highest opening taking in North American film history. Based on author Dan Brown's novel, the film stars Oscar winner Tom Hanks. It took $231.8mat box offices around the world despite a string of bad reviews. Film distributor Columbia has said this is the second most successful opening in history after Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith, which made $253min its first weekend after release.
The funniest thing is most Christian world head quarters are located in America, except Roman catholic church and especially where I live in the area called home of many religious organizations and most of them world head quarters e.g,: Youth With A mission, Mercy Ships, Teen mania, and several Christi…