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Looser's Life

Some people are born as loosers,  i mean they fail in everything , cuz the answer is simple they are born to loose!!! My emotions are getting stronger and more negative each day. Why am I such a failure in relationships? No girl out there seems to like me. all my life,  met lots of people but I'm a miserable failure. I hate the thought of being single all my life. Why don't girls like me? I'm intelligent,sensitive,  Maybe it's because I'm short. I'm only 5'6".  I thought it would get better here but it hasn't. Some guys still bully me and beat me stealing my girl friends. It's worse when they do it in front of girls because they all start laughing. I can't fight back because the nature i had grow up. And when I try to walk away they call me a looser and all the girls are watching. I hate life.I will continue being beaten up by guys(mentally) and rejected by girls till old age. I wish I could be given a chance to be born again. I would willin…

Get a Life

Most people on the earth move less than 10km on a regular basis, according to the study published in the journal Nature. The vast majority of people move around over a very short distance."Then there were a few that moved a couple of hundred kilometers on a regular basis." and 95% of people on the earth tend to return to the same few places over and over again. Seems there is no life?who gave the permission to spend billions of dollars to kill millions of innocent people in Iraq and hang one (so called evil) person. we have no fkg clue where we are going even after spending hundreds of billions . if we spend half of that money on science research for mentally depressed people we would have better leaders. 90% of people in America needs psychiatrist not clinicians.
and other part of world suffering lack of food and drugs for AIDS and other health problems. now somebody said hey you know what? our administration"led the nation to war on false premises," ya jerks, y…