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Primary Care — Will It Survive?

The American College of Physicians recently warned that "primarycare, the backbone of the nation's health care system, is atgrave risk of collapse

Can you find your own husband alone?

One of my friends got me this article. It’s an amazing true story by Sarita James "Mom, Dad, Let Me Find My Own Husband "but i have lots of questions, lets see:

how much responsibility parents should take to find a suitable husband for their daughter? How do the teens and young adults respond and respect their parents role in the relationship? How do they react; with frustration, joyful, trust, respect, adjustment, sacrifice or Rejection?, where do you stand when your parents choose your bride or groom?

Can you find your own husband alone? are you capable ? if you are, why after 2-3 years of dating do you break up? is it like a game or you want to have experience with another guy or girl? one mother asked me how much guidance/involvement we parents should give to our children. many parents are afraid to be involve in their own children's relationships. what are we men/women really looking in relationship? do you have commitment? do you consider that suitable men is, someo…