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interesting Lab notes

Lab Notes, research from UC Berkeley's College of Engineering:
-Electronic Nose That Knows: a gas sensor (seen here) that's fabricated using a cannibalized inkjet printer-New Lab for DIY Web Services: Google, Microsoft, and Sun kicked down $7.5 million for research aiming to leverage the power of statistical machine learning so that one person can create the next eBay, Amazon, or even Google, by him or herself.-Solar's Big Future with Small Tech: ultra-thin, cheap, and flexible solar cells made from nanocrystalsLink

Thermometer pill

Monitors core body temperature continuously as it travels through the digestive system. While inside the gastrointestinal tract, the internal crystal sensor vibrates at a frequency relative to the temperature of the substance (body) surrounding it, producing a magnetic flux. The sensor wirelessly transmits the core body temperature signal harmlessly through the body to the CorTemp™ Ambulatory Data Recorder worn on the outside of the body. Designed for human use only. LINK

BLIMEY! IS THAT TRUE? books bound in human SKIN

The library has three books bound in human skin -- the anatomy text and two 19th century editions of "The Dance of Death," a medieval morality tale.
A number of prestigious libraries -- including Harvard University's -- have such books in their collections. While the idea of making leather from human skin seems bizarre and cruel today, it was not uncommon in centuries past, said Laura Hartman, a rare book cataloger at the National Library of Medicine in Maryland and author of a paper on the subject.
Harvard acquired the book in February 1946 from a rare book dealer in New Orleans for the cost of $42.50. It is kept in its own box in the rare book collection

Indian Bottu

hummm.... IC (Indian Curry) A model wears a analog integrated circuit (IC) with intelligent charging capabilities for lithium-ion batteries pasted on a bindi during a launch ceremony in Bangalore on Wednesday. The chip designed by Mindtree Consulting, an IT & R&D services company, is being used in handheld mobile devices for an Asian manufacturer for release in early...........


Jesus christ! just I read an article in the Times, New American Garden of Eden, opening in Florida
here is the link

New year's Resolutions

Exercise regularly or at least once in a week,
Not to become fat ;)
Finish clinical rotations
Learn American humor
I think that’s lot for the year,