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Thanks to the House of Representatives and the Senate

The Congress decision was welcomed in Delhi as an historic moment in relations between the two countries,this legislation allowing civilian nuclear trade with India for the first time in 30 years. great :)

sweet Britain???

LONDON: All foreigners wanting to settle in Britain will have to pass a compulsory "Britishness'' test from next April under plans to further restrict immigration. Currently, the test is compulsory only for those who want British citizenship while others get a permanent residency status almost automatically if they have lived here for up to five years. Announcing the new rules, Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said it was "essential'' that those who wished to live in Britain permanently had a good grasp of English language and the British way of life. "It is essential that migrants wishing to live in the U.K. permanently recognise that there are responsibilities that go with this. Having a good grasp of English is essential in order for them to play a full role in society and properly integrate into our communities,'' he said. Migrant groups have protested the Government move. A spokesman for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immig…

Only in America......policy

Under the new policy, an application must be filed for the child, and the parents must provide documents to prove the child's citizenship
read more about this unbelievable  issue

Medicaid Wants Citizenship Proof For Infant Care By ROBERT PEAR Published: November 3, 2006

Friendster Horoscope for November 3, 2006

wow, it seems somebody filming in my bedroom. i lost win 2000 cd and exactly whats happening now, i think from to day i need to keep a eye on this funny horoscopes, because they do live telecast from my bed room :), don't you think ? these people are fooling the world by using the network. Of course some of my friends spend hundreds of $ to get daily horoscope.Friendster Horoscope for November 3, 2006Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)The Bottom LineRealizing that a few items have been moved about in your bedroom, a wave of paranoia will run through you. Has someone been going through your stuff? DecideIn DetailRealizing that a few items have been moved about in your bedroom, a wave of paranoia will run through you. Has someone been going through your stuff? Decide how much it really matters and, if need be, change your usual hiding spots.

Indians make best husbands for Russians,! wass up Americans?

Among foreigners, Indians make best husbands for Russian women, as they are "more open" and share an emotional relationship with family, says the country's leading feminist intellectual, Maria Arbatova.

"Out of all the foreigners, the Indian men are the best for Russian women since they are brought up in a different way," the Russian playwright and poetess said.

"The western culture worships the superman and for an Indian male it is not a shame to cry. They are more emotional and have a more open and emotional relationship with the family," she said in an interview to the Russian Agrarian Gazeta. Arbatova, a living symbol of feminist movement of post-Communist Russia, had married twice and is living with an Indian. Recently, she published The Taste of India.

She became a household name in the 1990s in Russia with her feminist television programme I Can Do It Myself. Since 1996, she heads the club of Women Meddling in Politics, to seek a greater role for …

Medical notes

34,000 The number of Iraqi physicians registered before the 2003 war.

18,000 The estimated number of Iraqi physicians who have left since the 2003 invasion.

2,000 The estimated number of Iraqi physicians murdered since 2003.

250 The number of Iraqi physicians kidnapped.

34 The number of reconstructive surgeons in Iraq before the 2003 invasion.

20 The number who have either been murdered of fled. 72 per cent of Iraqis needing reconstructive surgery are suffering from gunshot or blast wounds.

164 The number of nurses murdered - 77 wounded.

$243,000,000 The amount of money set aside by US administration to build 142 private health clinics in post-invastion Iraq.

20 The number of such clinics built by April 2006.

$0 The amount of money left over.

$1bn The amount of money the US administration has spent on Iraq's healthcare system.

$8bn The amount of money needed over the next 4 years to fund the health care system

70 the percentage of de…

just a small piece of black or color cloth

The question of what women wear on their heads has once again become an issue in the media. Does a small piece of black or color cloth really warrant this much of discussion, especially by those know nothing about its history but claim the right to decide its future? The issue is not whether or not one should wear a veil or cover one’s head. I think it is something, which needs to be left to both the individual person as well as society. Veiling or covering of one’s head is both a social and a cultural issue.British Prime Minister Tony Blair said waded into the "burqa'' controversy by endorsing the view that the veil worn by Muslim women was a "mark of separateness'' and an obstacle to integration.After Afghan war for the press, the removal of the veil/burqa became an irresistible metaphor of that new freedom: "Veil Is Lifted in Mazar-e Sharif; New Freedoms Embraced as City Emerges From Taliban Rule" (Washington Post, ); "Women Shedding Cloak o…

Childhood Obesity

Dr. Mercola's Comment:Considering that 30 percent of children in the United States are overweight and only 23 percent of parents polled in a recent study restrict the television their kids watch or the video games their kids play at all, the list is a helpful tool in the fight against the obesity epidemic.Like most problems in life, preventing childhood obesity is far easier than treating it, although much of the success of prevention depends on parental involvement, and communication is the key.You will not only need to set appropriate guidelines and talk to your children about nutrition and why what they are doing is so important, you will need to take the time necessary to create nutritious meals and snacks for them to eat. Perhaps even more importantly, you will need to act as a good role model for them. After all, it is completely unfair to your children to ask them not to eat things they late…

Should Students Date Attendings or Residents?

If I knew this before, I would not screwd up but anyway its too late and I need to start over again.

What should I do if a resident or attending asks me out on a date?

The Homeless in America

interesting piece A link from the Web site on providing care to homeless populations

"Each day in the United States, at least 800,000 persons are homeless. This includes 200,000 children in homeless families."


Good Recommendation from CDC

All patients aged 13 to 64 should be screened for HIV routinely,according to new guidelines from the CDC. Nearly 250,000 Americansare estimated to have undiagnosed HIV.The key aspects of the new recommendations, which are focusedexclusively on healthcare settings, include:-- All adult and teen patients should be screened, regardlessof risk.-- The screening approach should be voluntary "opt out" ratherthan "opt-in."-- Specific HIV pretest counseling and separate, written informedconsent should not be necessary, but should be incorporatedin general consent for medical care (state and local laws allowing).The guidelines also include steps to further reduce perinataltransmission. Pregnant women in high-prevalence areas, as wellas those considered to be at high risk, should receive a secondHIV test in the third trimester. Jurisdictions with high HIVprevalence among women as of 2004 were: Alabama, Connecticut,Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illino…

Religious leaders, watch your words and actions!

Pope Benedict Wipes his tears and said he deeply regrets any offence caused!

Salad lovers at risk !?

According to CNN.Com, the e-coli outbreak has spread to twenty states.Federal health officials say an outbreak of E. coli has spread to 20 states and sickened 94 people.The news prompted health officials to warn the public that even if you wash the spinach, you still could be at risk.Sober warnings for salad lovers came from federal health officials Friday as they struggled to pinpoint a multistate E. coli outbreak that killed one person and sickened dozens more.Bagged spinach -- the triple-washed, cello-packed kind sold by the hundreds of millions of pounds each year -- is the suspected source of the bacterial outbreak, Food and Drug Administration officials said.The FDA warned people nationwide not to eat the spinach. Washing won't get rid of the tenacious bug, though thorough cooking can kill it. Supermarkets across the country pulled spinach from shelves, and consumers tossed out the leafy green. one of my friends she eats spinach direct bag to mouth, I never saw her…

12 Percent of Americans May Have Diabetes by 2050

Diabetes rates are expected to more than double from 2005 to 2050, from 5.6 percent to 12 percent of the population, the most recent estimates suggest. That means that in about 44 years, over 48 million people in this country would be affected -- and rates could go even higher if obesity rates continue to rise.Diabetes Care September 2006Yahoo News September 8, 2006

The world's top 10 dictators

most of us love democracy under some special dictators, don't we?

Primary Care — Will It Survive?

The American College of Physicians recently warned that "primarycare, the backbone of the nation's health care system, is atgrave risk of collapse

Can you find your own husband alone?

One of my friends got me this article. It’s an amazing true story by Sarita James "Mom, Dad, Let Me Find My Own Husband "but i have lots of questions, lets see:

how much responsibility parents should take to find a suitable husband for their daughter? How do the teens and young adults respond and respect their parents role in the relationship? How do they react; with frustration, joyful, trust, respect, adjustment, sacrifice or Rejection?, where do you stand when your parents choose your bride or groom?

Can you find your own husband alone? are you capable ? if you are, why after 2-3 years of dating do you break up? is it like a game or you want to have experience with another guy or girl? one mother asked me how much guidance/involvement we parents should give to our children. many parents are afraid to be involve in their own children's relationships. what are we men/women really looking in relationship? do you have commitment? do you consider that suitable men is, someo…

'Dating' game at work is very dangerous

Q: I have been "dating" a guy at work for about three years. We are both married, so of course everyone gossips about us. The problem is he is very popular with other co-workers, and I don't feel I get as much attention from him as I used to. He says he cares about me and doesn't want to end the relationship, but I don't know what to do. When I try to put some distance between us, he just acts like it doesn't matter and it makes me crazy. Should I break it off?

Lonely at Work

A: For starters, let's be honest. You and your colleague are not dating. You're having an affair. If you were dating, you could ask him over to your house.
Close working relationships can easily become romantic, because every work environment is a little world unto itself. Co-workers not only share goals, problems, pressures and successes, but also have a common group of friends and acquaintances. When both parties have spouses, a workplace affair allows them to create a Fantasylan…

Religious Right:!???????

How pathetic?

I will protect This Life

These lives? Not so much:

via American Street

Being set up for war in the Middle East "Christians" are part of the propaganda show. Three thousand of them, under the lead of the Rev. John C. Hagee, are heading to Washington for a "Washington/Israel summit" to demand, needlessly, that the neocon Bush regime show "stronger support for Israel."
It is difficult to see how Bush could show any stronger support without using the U.S. military to assist Israel in its attacks, which is, of course, what the "Christian" Rev. Hagee intends when he declares: "There's a new Hitler in the Middle East [he doesn't mean Bush or Olmert]. The only way he will be stopped will be by a preemptive military strike in Iran."
Present at Rev. Hagee's "Washington/Israel Summit" will be Israel's former Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, Republican Senators Sam Brownback …

Mumbai back on track

Just 12 hours after seven serial blasts left a trail of death and woes, Mumbai moved towards normality on Wednesday. Even as the day broke over a city that has still to recover from Tuesday terror, trains began running on the very tracks where bombs ripped through carriages. And office goers, school and college students and workers made their way to different parts of the city.
No one can make India kneel: Manmohan
He said none could come in the path of India's progress. "The wheels of our economy will move on. India will continue to walk tall, and with confidence."
The Prime Minister was full of admiration for the people of Mumbai. "Mumbai stands tall once again as the symbol of a united India. An inclusive India." Dr. Singh assured the nation that "the United Progressive Alliance will do whatever is required to deal with the challenge at hand. We will win this war against terror. Nothing will break our resolve."

Who want to Become a Republican?


Why (S)he’s not marrying ?

Why are evangelists and the church so cruel? They tell people the world is ending soon, but then they want them to get married and have more children! What is the point? To bring more sufferers into a dying world? the secrete societieswill destroy your life if you did not listen to them.They tell people the only purpose of marriage is to produce children. But what is the point, if it is all coming to an end soon? They shouldquit saying (Lying) the world is ending.Many people have refused to get married andhave children because of them.And many coming from divorced parents, and they think they will be like their parents(fear)If you thinkSome men aren't comfortable sharing their space and possessions with a woman…..(not true)men love to share her space, He prefers to be isolated……….. (some times not all the time)He's a perfectionist………… (perfect) then get him He's extremely well-organized and his place is cleaner and better decorated than yours is…………….(True)if women is no…

“Why can’t we be just people?”

"Why can't we be just people?" Do you hear what you say? When did we ever question your right to be considered people? Do you question mine? I know what you think you say. You want me to consider myself not Native, not Cree, not Salish, but a person, absent of nationality or racial heritage. All of us just people, without difference. You fail to see your own hypocrisy. In the same breath, you pick up a guitar and teach European modern folk songs to all the children, but nowhere do European children learn the folk music of my children or any other nationality. Such sameness amounts to everyone's obliteration but your own. I know we were supposed to have vanished by now. We do not apologize for our inability to do that. Not only are we still here, but some of us are amazingly intact. One hundred years ago General Custer's edict was to kill every man, woman, child and dog at Wounded Knee. To re-word this edict from physical oblivian to cultural banishment will not …

HowLikely HeartAttack w User Data Entry Sht Risk Meter John Cardiac example

Author: Michael Crouch MD, MSPH
CHD risk estimator with adjustment for family history of CHD. It's an excel spr
. by Michael Crouch MD, MSPH

What a great final

What a great final, and not at all the one we were all expecting!Here comes the trophy winner a great champion Nadal is... still just 20 years old, he takes his second consective Roland Garros title as the Spanish national anthem rings out!Two championship point now for Nadal! And it's brought up by yet another Federer error...I was hoping Federer will become just the sixth man in history to win all four Grand Slams.Only five other men have achieved that incredible feat to date - Andre Agassi, Don Budge, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver and Fred Perry.

Why is India behind ?

Why some Indian states are so dumb? After all one percent Christians make difference out of 80 millions in one state of AP even those Christians are so called minorities, does America care about Da Vanci code? Hell NO,In the US and Canada, The Da Vinci Code raked in $77min its first weekend ‑ the 13th highest opening taking in North American film history. Based on author Dan Brown's novel, the film stars Oscar winner Tom Hanks. It took $231.8mat box offices around the world despite a string of bad reviews. Film distributor Columbia has said this is the second most successful opening in history after Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith, which made $253min its first weekend after release.
The funniest thing is most Christian world head quarters are located in America, except Roman catholic church and especially where I live in the area called home of many religious organizations and most of them world head quarters e.g,: Youth With A mission, Mercy Ships, Teen mania, and several Christi…

Good Catholics Use Condoms

The Church & AIDS in Africa Condoms & the Culture of LifeMarcella Alsan, MDApril 21, 2006 / Volume CXXXIII, Number 8   ARTICLE
As a young physician, I often second-guess myself. In practicing medicine such self-criticism is warranted, even obligatory, because a wrong diagnosis can lead to misguided therapy and may end in death. After working at a Catholic hospital in the small sub-Saharan country of Swaziland, however, there is one diagnosis I pronounce with uncharacteristic certitude: AIDS. The typical patient is a young woman between eighteen and thirty years of age. She is wheeled into the examining room in a hospital chair or dragged in, supported by her sister, aunt, or brother. She is frequently delirious; her face is gaunt; her limbs look like desiccated twigs. Surprisingly, the young woman is already a mother many times over, yet she will not live to see her children grow up. More shocking still, she is mar…

the world's most expensive resorts.

here is the most expensive resorts in the world

1.) Necker Island
British Virgin Islands$30,000 per night

2) Musha CayBahamas$24,750 per night

3) Casa Contenta
Miami$11,600 per night

4) The Rania ExperienceThe Maldives$9,500 per night

5)The Villa at Sandy Lane
Barbados$8,000 per night

6) AltamerAnguilla$4,714 per night

7) Frégate Island PrivateThe Seychelles$2,450 per night

8) Turtle IslandFiji$1,632 per night

9) Cayo EspantoBelize$1,395 per night

10) Vatulele Island ResortFiji$1,296 per night

Loosing human nature and feelings

Most people in America live with pets instead human
One girl told me if she have choice between pet and boyfriend she choose a pet  Especially elderly people play their cats and dogs instead their grand children Lots of them have time to pet their animals unfortunately they do not have time to visit their grand children.

America! slaves or Immigrants

Present American system need slaves not immigrants."If the companies say they need papers, who is going to work the jobs? Nobody. Employer do not want to provide paperwork" so they hire who does not have the paper work. to day May 1 2006 the birth of a new civil rights movement in American History. no one understands it and no one stop it.

who is real Americans?

12,000 B.C. peoples who occupied North America before the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th cent. They have long been known as Indians because of that Native Americans came into the Western Hemisphere from Asia via the Bering Strait or along the N Pacific coast in a series of migrations.

Washington: territory was visited by Spanish, American, and British explorers—Bruno Heceta for Spain in 1775
Oregon: Spanish and English sailors are believed to have sighted the Oregon coast in the 1500s and 1600s
California: Although California was sighted by Spanish navigator Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo in 1542, its first Spanish mis…


musical cartoon about american politics

April 22nd - Happy Earth Day!

Love love love love love
I have to love air because without air I have no life
I have to love water because without water I have no life
I have to love this planet because without earth I have no ground to stand
I have to love women because she gave me life
I need love to live and need to be loved with women
Therefore, O women take my heart and keep it forever besides your heart
There is no life without you.

I want to thank Links2Love for publishing on their web site LINK

We as human beings should love and care about our planet. 2,500 years ago Siddhartha (Buddha) said "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it".

What will we do to protect the Earth's future?


They're talking about adding the bible as a text book to the high school curriculum in Georgia. Georgia may OK Bible as textbook
I think it's a great idea. The bible will be taught objectively without any emphasis on religious beliefs. There is so much wisdom in the bible. There's lots of good stuff for children's edification. I think the dirty parts ought to be censored though.

Kids need to know just how much God loves them and looks out for them. They need to know that if they follow the Lord, there is a good chance that God will not smite them, unless of course they live in tornado alley or the hurricane belt where God smites everyone for the sins of those heathens in blue states.

I met many "McJesus crooks", my pets nickname for religious fanatics, who they call them selves Christians - some leaders of the church and religious organizations are the most brutal I ever seen in my journey in the world.

Being that I am qualified to teach scriptures in an historic…

What is Love?

Last week I joined a group of people are talking about what is Love?  Some said "Love is patient, Love is kind. It is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick tempered, it does not brood over injury. It bears all things believes all things, hopes all thing, endures all things, Love never fails... so faith, hope, love remain- these three; but the greatest of these is love."

In my head am asking my self what is really Love?  is that just a memory to take with you?, we are after all  just two groups of peoples as Men and Women.  Most we men go to bars  throw money at them and fall in love. There was no touching allowed in the bars. The men came to the bars not so much for lust as for love; the bar girls' most favored body part was their ear. They earned the men's love by listening: to their problems with their wives, their bosses; to the small and epic adventures of their metropolitan lives.

The dance girls, a…


many named as  Aliens  I do not think Aliens is the right word,  no one come from  moon nor red planet,  we all belongs to  this planet and moreover  all are  citizens of some nation.  you can call them expatriate  or an  immigrants. any way some reports
indicates that the Senate Republicans are basically moving toward to passing the earned adjustment of status for the illegal aliens, but the leaders are scheduled to introduce three compromise options for the eligibility: (1) EWI (Entered Without Inspection or Border Crossers) vs. Overstays (Entered legally but overstayed); (2) Long resident over 5 years vs. Recent arrivals; and (3) Adjustment of status within the U.S. for some illegal aliens vs. Application for reentry to the U.S. at the border for the some illegal aliens. It thus appears that the Senators are likely to give credit to the illagal aliens to the longer overstayed illegal aliens over the border crossers. It is interesting how the Senators will iron …

WoW! English in sarees

English women in sarees and with their face painted with the tricolour enjoy the India-England cricket match on the fourth day of the final Test between the two countries, in Mumbai.

What does it cost? to transform your passion in to a career ?

There is times tiredness and frustration comes together to curse fucking God, it is always easy and better to blame God instead people. I am a very happy man in the world  and I also loved what I did in the Hospitals. before medical school  used to work in the Laboratory and radiology dept as a Laboratory scientist but I was fortunate in making the choice to in a more benign specialty. But its often too late when you realize what kind of path you are on, and you have come too far to look back and change your mind. You have already gave up a lot and you go on thinking, "it will get better someday". Someday never comes until one day you are tired late  thirties  man finished the medical program and saddle full of debt, have to look for alternative jobs. your friends are married, some have children , most own homes, and many have been promoted several times in their careers. You are still waiting for some day, Training become  slow, progressive isolation from the rest of the wo…

What is the fucking deal God?

SO !!!!!!   What is the fucking deal God?

Many things to say but I can say few now

I have lots of debt .

My attorney supposed get me Green card but took my money and  screwed me up. To find him I need to hire another attorney.

I spent all the week  to find decent attorney in DC area, not succeeded yet.

I should have join the law school instead of  medical school.

Lets see what is next...........


Facial anatomy learning tool

Artnatomy is a very cool online, interactive resource that teaches all about the anatomical structure of the human face. A great feature allows you to click on a particular muscle and see its effect on a person's face (click on "actions" to see this).

How wiretapping works

wiretapping techniques at Stanford and produced a set of fascinating, thoroughgoing notes:

Doctor's quest is reducing local teen pregnancies

If she could just talk to the girls for a few minutes, Dr. Janet Realini thought long ago, she'd persuade them not to get pregnant.

advertisement But after seeing girls develop big bellies year after year, she realized such a simple approach wouldn't work.

Finding a better one would turn into a years-long quest for the doctor.  LINK

Americans work more, seem to accomplish less:

One said We never concentrate on one task anymore. You take a little chip out of it, and then you're on to the next thing," other said We think we're faster, smarter, better with all this technology at our side and in the end, we still feel rushed and our feeling of productivity is down," read more

interesting Lab notes

Lab Notes, research from UC Berkeley's College of Engineering:
-Electronic Nose That Knows: a gas sensor (seen here) that's fabricated using a cannibalized inkjet printer-New Lab for DIY Web Services: Google, Microsoft, and Sun kicked down $7.5 million for research aiming to leverage the power of statistical machine learning so that one person can create the next eBay, Amazon, or even Google, by him or herself.-Solar's Big Future with Small Tech: ultra-thin, cheap, and flexible solar cells made from nanocrystalsLink

Thermometer pill

Monitors core body temperature continuously as it travels through the digestive system. While inside the gastrointestinal tract, the internal crystal sensor vibrates at a frequency relative to the temperature of the substance (body) surrounding it, producing a magnetic flux. The sensor wirelessly transmits the core body temperature signal harmlessly through the body to the CorTemp™ Ambulatory Data Recorder worn on the outside of the body. Designed for human use only. LINK

BLIMEY! IS THAT TRUE? books bound in human SKIN

The library has three books bound in human skin -- the anatomy text and two 19th century editions of "The Dance of Death," a medieval morality tale.
A number of prestigious libraries -- including Harvard University's -- have such books in their collections. While the idea of making leather from human skin seems bizarre and cruel today, it was not uncommon in centuries past, said Laura Hartman, a rare book cataloger at the National Library of Medicine in Maryland and author of a paper on the subject.
Harvard acquired the book in February 1946 from a rare book dealer in New Orleans for the cost of $42.50. It is kept in its own box in the rare book collection

Indian Bottu

hummm.... IC (Indian Curry) A model wears a analog integrated circuit (IC) with intelligent charging capabilities for lithium-ion batteries pasted on a bindi during a launch ceremony in Bangalore on Wednesday. The chip designed by Mindtree Consulting, an IT & R&D services company, is being used in handheld mobile devices for an Asian manufacturer for release in early...........


Jesus christ! just I read an article in the Times, New American Garden of Eden, opening in Florida
here is the link

New year's Resolutions

Exercise regularly or at least once in a week,
Not to become fat ;)
Finish clinical rotations
Learn American humor
I think that’s lot for the year,