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Every nation has the right to protect its territorial integrity and take action as it saw fit. YES we are not warmongers like other nations, as long as Pakistan act responsible and arrest and handover of those responsible persons who are fugitives of Indian law, about 20 persons. And destroy all suspected terrorist strongholds in Pakistan.

Its time for Pakistan to think and answer.

I read somewhere , Mr. McCain who has advocated using military power in the US.. Led war on terror; He said NO when people asked whether repeated terror attacks on India meant that India should follow the US and attack Pakistan.

India cant be the Role Model to lead the war by mistake or some family grudges or for oil or some other reasons but India can be the Role model against real threat and wipe terrorist groups for good. No doubt We are peace lovers but now the time to act and do right for the world peace.

Mahatma Gandhi is Father of Peace, but he holds the stick when it needs.