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President Obama described Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi as “a hero not just to India but to the world.”

“I am filled with hope and inspiration as I have the privilege to view this testament to Gandhi’s life. He is a hero not just to India but to the world,” Mr. Obama wrote in the visitor’s book at the Mani Bhavan here.

Gandhi, the President said, has inspired Americans and African Americans, including Martin Luther King.

Who should write medical news stories?

An interesting paper in PLOS Medicine on media reporting of medical news. Wilson et al examined medical news stories written by specialist and non-specialist journalists in Australia from 2004–08. They found specialist health reporters produced higher quality articles than general reporters, and broad sheets performed better than tabloids. They suggest:

It does matter who writes news stories that cover the benefits and harms of health care interventions. Stories written by specialist health journalists were superior to those written by other groups. These data illustrate what can be achieved in terms of high-quality health news reporting, but this ideal is seldom reached. The analyses also underscore the importance of which outlets journalists work for. Traditional broadsheet newspapers scored highest and commercial human interest programs consistently returned the poorest scores. We presume that these differences reflect not only the profession…

wondering how many officers feel like this

Cruelty become human's pride. For ages cruelty to children, to the elderly, to dogs, chickens, cats,pigs.

you say humans are so sweet?

Cows are gentle giants, large in size but sweet in nature. In the U.S., more than 41 million of these sensitive animals suffer and die for the meat and dairy industries every year

Are you eating your pets?

Chickens are inquisitive, interesting animals who are as intelligent as mammals like cats, dogs

here is your juice juice food

Many people who know pigs compare them to dogs because they are friendly, loyal, and intelligent. can you eat your Dog?

The U.S. Border Patrol was created in 1924

The U.S. Border Patrol was created in 1924 to help prevent illegal entry across the Mexican and Canadian borders. its funny in 2010 still we say secure the border????

During the Great Depression between 1929 and about 1939, there was enormous public outcry that Mexican immigrants were taking jobs unemployed Americans needed.

World War II again created a need for labor to fill jobs left by military personnel.

"By then, there are over a million Mexicans a year coming to the U.S. to work both illegally and legally,"

The most recent wave of immigrants began in 1965, when Congress replaced a system of quotas based on country of origin. Since then, more than 100 million legal and illegal immigrants have entered the U.S., with the majority coming from Mexico in search of jobs.

The first major immigration wave since the U.S. became a nation started in the 1820s and lasted until a recession in the late 1870s. The wave brought about 7.5 million immigrants,

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