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Good Catholics Use Condoms

The Church & AIDS in Africa Condoms & the Culture of LifeMarcella Alsan, MDApril 21, 2006 / Volume CXXXIII, Number 8   ARTICLE
As a young physician, I often second-guess myself. In practicing medicine such self-criticism is warranted, even obligatory, because a wrong diagnosis can lead to misguided therapy and may end in death. After working at a Catholic hospital in the small sub-Saharan country of Swaziland, however, there is one diagnosis I pronounce with uncharacteristic certitude: AIDS. The typical patient is a young woman between eighteen and thirty years of age. She is wheeled into the examining room in a hospital chair or dragged in, supported by her sister, aunt, or brother. She is frequently delirious; her face is gaunt; her limbs look like desiccated twigs. Surprisingly, the young woman is already a mother many times over, yet she will not live to see her children grow up. More shocking still, she is mar…

the world's most expensive resorts.

here is the most expensive resorts in the world

1.) Necker Island
British Virgin Islands$30,000 per night

2) Musha CayBahamas$24,750 per night

3) Casa Contenta
Miami$11,600 per night

4) The Rania ExperienceThe Maldives$9,500 per night

5)The Villa at Sandy Lane
Barbados$8,000 per night

6) AltamerAnguilla$4,714 per night

7) Frégate Island PrivateThe Seychelles$2,450 per night

8) Turtle IslandFiji$1,632 per night

9) Cayo EspantoBelize$1,395 per night

10) Vatulele Island ResortFiji$1,296 per night

Loosing human nature and feelings

Most people in America live with pets instead human
One girl told me if she have choice between pet and boyfriend she choose a pet  Especially elderly people play their cats and dogs instead their grand children Lots of them have time to pet their animals unfortunately they do not have time to visit their grand children.

America! slaves or Immigrants

Present American system need slaves not immigrants."If the companies say they need papers, who is going to work the jobs? Nobody. Employer do not want to provide paperwork" so they hire who does not have the paper work. to day May 1 2006 the birth of a new civil rights movement in American History. no one understands it and no one stop it.

who is real Americans?

12,000 B.C. peoples who occupied North America before the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th cent. They have long been known as Indians because of that Native Americans came into the Western Hemisphere from Asia via the Bering Strait or along the N Pacific coast in a series of migrations.

Washington: territory was visited by Spanish, American, and British explorers—Bruno Heceta for Spain in 1775
Oregon: Spanish and English sailors are believed to have sighted the Oregon coast in the 1500s and 1600s
California: Although California was sighted by Spanish navigator Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo in 1542, its first Spanish mis…