Indians make best husbands for Russians,! wass up Americans?

Among foreigners, Indians make best husbands for Russian women, as they are "more open" and share an emotional relationship with family, says the country's leading feminist intellectual, Maria Arbatova.

"Out of all the foreigners, the Indian men are the best for Russian women since they are brought up in a different way," the Russian playwright and poetess said.

"The western culture worships the superman and for an Indian male it is not a shame to cry. They are more emotional and have a more open and emotional relationship with the family," she said in an interview to the Russian Agrarian Gazeta.
Arbatova, a living symbol of feminist movement of post-Communist Russia, had married twice and is living with an Indian.
Recently, she published The Taste of India.

She became a household name in the 1990s in Russia with her feminist television programme I Can Do It Myself. Since 1996, she heads the club of Women Meddling in Politics, to seek a greater role for the Russian women in the country's politics.
She won many international prizes, including Cambridge gold medal for her contribution to 20th century culture.
Russian woman can adjust better with an Indian husband and "moreover the Indian cinema has showed us that we have a lot in common", she said adding that no other people, except Indians are more like Russians in terms of character.
"They are as open, lazy and dreamy as we. Russia and India have a lot in common in the economic sphere. We were destroyed by socialism and India by colonialism," she said.


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